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Research Paper: Political Inclination and the Physical Attractiveness Stereotype: An Experiment

Ishan Kashyap Hazarika, Mahima Yadav & Sourabh Rai, B.A. (Hon.) Economics, 2021


The Physical Attractiveness Stereotype is a result of the Halo effect, or the tendency to form general impressions of objects, particularly people, based on one or two characteristics, in the case of the Physical Attractiveness Stereotype, the physical appearance of a person. This can be related with an informal observation to both Marxist Holism in the Left and the Rightist tendency to value group membership as opposed to uniqueness. As such, the question of whether there exists a relation between political inclination and the Attractiveness Stereotype is an interesting question. In the current study, we conducted a randomised experiment to investigate if such a relation exists, using a logistic regression model with the group traits as independent variables in addition to a term of interaction. We find that no statistically significant relation exists between political inclination and the Attractiveness Stereotype.

Keywords: Political Inclination; the Attractiveness Stereotype; the Halo Effect; Experimental Social Science


Political Inclination and the Physical Attractiveness Stereotype- An Experimental Enquiry
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Rai, S., Hazarika, I. K. and Yadav, M. (2020). Political inclination and the physical attractiveness stereotype: An experimental enquiry. IJHSSR. 6(4), 77-80.

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