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Research Paper: Political Choices of the Left and the Right in Crises: An Experimental Investigation

Anjali Verma, Ishan Kashyap Hazarika & Sourabh Rai, B.A. (Hon.) Economics, 2021


While numerous studies have documented the difference in choice behaviour of the political Left and the Right, the effect of situations of crisis on political choices have remained unexplored. This study aims to record and analyse such effects and investigate if any differences or similarities appear in the two groups. The study uses an experimental approach for the problem. Samples of leftists and rightists in India are randomly provided with forms to vote in either a normal situation or a hypothetical situation of crisis. The difference in voting behaviour in the two scenarios is noted. The difference in the change in voting behaviour of the Left and the Right is also noted. It is found as expected that under normal circumstances, the Left and the Right have different voting patterns. But under crisis, when their leader performs badly, they shift to the opposite leader with almost the same probability. Also, not only the effect, but the voting patterns themselves become very similar during crises. The behaviour of the Left and Right sustain differences only in normal circumstances, but under crises, the differences may no longer remain extant.


Political Choices of the Left and the Right in Crises
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Note that this is a pre-print. The final published version will be available soon in Asian Review of Social Sciences.


Rai, S., Hazarika, I. K. and Verma, A. (2020). Political choices of the Left and the Right in crises: An experimental investigation. Asian Review of Social Sciences. 9(2), (Accepted)

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