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Research Projects

The FERC has assisted in the writing of several research papers. Eight papers, with the assistance of the FERC have been published in peer-reviewed journals, in the first year of the cell's existence itself. Several members of the cell, with the assistance of the cell, are currently actively working on their research and expect to get them published by this year.


The FERC has started the publication of articles of general interest, to disseminate the knowledge of the technical aspects of economics and finance. We seek to make successful theories of the past as well as ground-breaking research in these fields a familiar subject among all students and encourage them to take part in research too.

Research Sessions

To actively help and motivate students in research, the FERC organises sessions with the faculty and researchers, where they share their experience in research and offer practical suggestions.


The FERC has been actively involved in helping the students in gaining essential skills for research and a better understanding of economics and finance. With this goal, the cell has organised and seeks to organise in the future too, workshops regarding such skills.

Upcoming Journal

The FERC seeks to initiate the publication of a peer-reviewed journal in the future, with due support from academics and researchers.

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